For Events, Promotions, Sales, Consulting and Brand Ambassadors – Hire A Seasoned Team to Support You for:

Event Management, Coordination and Execution

Have an event in mind that you’d like to create? Or, one that just needs expert execution or support? The team at Partner Promotions has over 10 years’ experience in what it takes to organize and run an event. Design, décor, collateral support, staffing, help with sponsors, volunteer coordination, talent management, and more. We are a behind the scenes event partner to Make You Shine — in the community, in the workplace and on location, meeting your goals and expectations.  Fundraisers, community events, with a special panache to showcase your cause.

Idea Creation and Marketing for Events and Promotions

Thinking of a promotion? We suggest ideas that will work and locations where your target audience may be, and when they’ll be there – not to mention, how to  reach them and — by what transportation. Bus, van, trailer, segway, or perhaps even, on the “T”! With our innovative and can-do team, we’re ready. We don’t turn our head with a challenge.  We turn our head for a smile.

Need an idea? When it comes to ideas, the creative team at Partner Promotions gets together and soon, ideas flow like a river. Social events like  Bee-Hive Parties, MoTown celebrations, Ice Bars, and Salsa Sensations have been created for a group of colleagues, friends, and the oh-so close client. Fundraisers and Community events have been bookmarked – including Summer BBQ’s for the elderly, Community Hospital Walks, Grand Openings and picnics for town-wide multi-generational crowds. Dress up and dress down themed parties and music for the over 21 and yes, the under 21 crowd. Live Bands. Dancing. Unique venues and children’s celebrations. Transformation of spaces, in the most unusual places.

Partner Promotions offers a platform of traditional and non-traditional event planning, and honestly, we’re good at both.  We have a range of services to please the most discerning palette, and can stretch the imagination, on demand. It’s up to you to make the call!.

Experienced Brand Ambassadors and Strategy to Promote Brands and Test Products

We’ve been working with Fortune 500 companies for the last ten years or more, in various capacities. “Feet on the Street”, brand ambassadors, managers and staff, promoting products and services – for every reason, in every season. We work with a steady team of “employees” who make it a point to be part of our client’s corporate culture.  It’s a seamless transition and the client knows that they’re being represented by professionals who work one on one with their prospective or current customers, to shine their light so that a positive impression is made. In our world, each impression should be a lasting one.

Auditions for Network TV Shows

One of our favorite clients has given us the “green light” to work with them to facilitate auditions for Network TV Shows. We are involved in the set up, registration process, on-camera work aka “Vanna White” as well as crowd control. How fun is that! Hundreds of candidates show up for auditions at local venues to “give it their best”, with song and dance — and ultimately one couple or person is chosen who will move on to the next level.

What’s needed? Confidence, poise, reliability, and nerves of steel to handle shaky contestants.

What do we offer? Tried and true event management to get the job done …client after client…with ease, grace and dignity.

Did I mention sense of humor?

On Site Hospitality, Décor, Entertainment and Transportation for VIP Clients

Ryder Cup, ESPN Winter X Games, PGA golf tours, and Parking Lot Pop-Up HD Zones at Major Retail Stores. Globe Santa trucks, Simon Mall Holiday decorations, and Tented areas bridging patios and pools. Aspen, Boston, and everywhere in between, we have expert designers on staff who create an image and “look” that suits your message, your audience and your budget. Creativity doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it just has to work. We work it for you.

Creative Design of Marketing Materials and All Accompanying Needs

Depending on the event or promotion, marketing materials carry your intended message, and are an important leave-behind. We work with designers who “get it” quickly, and have the resources for what you need – traditional, and “not so” traditional.  Tents, “Save the Date” cards, invitations, web design, splash pages, promotional offers, postcards, giveaways, customized staff wear – you name it.  Our rolodex is hard-earned. It will save you time and money, when we know what you need. The world’s your oyster on this one. How can we help?

Marketing Plan Development and Implementation, Including Social Media

One of the great things about collaboration with a team, is utilizing everyone’s expertise. At the onset of a project, we create a targeted team geared to the client’s needs. Some are deep thinkers, detailed organizers, or creative types. Others have their hand on the pulse of the great www, being able to command a prominent on-line presence with FaceBook and Twitter. Still yet, others are great visionaries, and love to hold hands. Whether you have an on-line presence or not, it’s important to know what your plan of inspired action will be to “get your message out there.” We’ve been both behind the scenes, and “at the scene” so we have “seen” it from all angles.  We can take charge, or follow, depending on what direction you’re headed.

Operational/Logistical Expertise for Events and Promotions

It’s not as bad as a 4th grade math problem, when Train A goes 60 miles an hour, and Train B passes Grand Central at 5:15pm. But, sometimes logistics can be a little daunting to the inexperienced.  Lots of moving parts. Pick ups, drop offs, premiums and vans.  You be here this time, and you meet this one at that time. It can give you a headache, unless you see the big picture with complete understanding and certainty. We’ve had the “good fortune” to work with Fortune 500 companies who expect a lot, and make changes on a dime. Case in point, we can probably handle your needs with ease, unless you need a space ship built overnight.  In that case – well, I guess we better talk.

Management of Tradeshows, Expos and Conferences

If you are your Brand, and your Brand is #1, then you better hire a company who represents your Brand, like it too, is #1. We’ve been working with giants in the industry, as well as smaller companies to genuinely represent companies, and get the results they expect. Our staff knows that a prospective client, or lead, has to feel comfortable in the space where you “receive” them. They should always feel welcome, and know that you, as a brand ambassador or rep for their product or service – respect them. It’s all about the know, like and trust factor – and what you, as a company (or team of hired reps) do to give them that feeling.  It’s what you say that’s important, but also how you make them feel.  We feel, we’re tops at that.

Themed Celebrations; Mo-Town, 50’s Diner, Ice Bar, and Events Quite Far

Fun times are some of our most favorite events to plan. We’ve rented out diners, designed ice bars, had children’s parties with live tigers, murder mystery events with flame throwers, and psychics. If you can think it, we could help you plan it. “Out of the box” thinking is a specialty, and  co-creating it with our client, makes it even more fun. Picture perfect, in fact. Music, dancing, food, signature drinks, décor, wigs and figs. We think it’s a blessing some people are accountants and others work in a creative environment. Can you imagine everyone with wigs and figs?

Trained Teams for “Feet on the Street” Brand Ambassadors and Segway Riders

When a competitor’s service went out city-wide, Partner Promotions was called in to execute a “Feet on the Street campaign”, ramp up our Segway Team, and bring our multi-media van and trailer in to win-back customers. It was a brilliant marketing move over a three day period. Sign-up after sign-up to restore service. Brand new customers. A perfect case of the client and their designated outsourced team working together to win customers. Speed dial ten to get the competitor’s customers back. A big “yes” to taking advantage of an opportunity. Glad we were part of it!

Temporary Professional Staffing for All Needs

Sometimes, a client has a need for a steady, reliable and professional “employee” or team player to take a role in their organization.  This could be for a month or two while there’s a vacancy, or there’s a no hire policy. In many cases, it’s on-going or for a long-term project with no clear end in sight. Utilizing our database of workers, we’re often able to help a company fill that need, with a hand-picked candidate, and put them on our Partner Promotions payroll, billing the company directly. It’s an easy solution to help our client “get the job done” with someone who comes highly recommended and has the expertise to just “fit in”. Billing is easy, and so is the transition for everyone involved. A triple play of talent, opportunity, and steady employment for long term success.

Bi-lingual Ambassadors Upon Request; French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese

We’re often asked to attend ethnic festivals and bring our multi-lingual brand ambassadors on-site to reach a designated and powerful growing market. Experienced street teams and professional managers represent products and services at events, generate solid leads, and ultimately assist in the sales process. Part of their responsibility is to report back on the pulse of their community, or event, and send reports from the field.  Just as this is a global marketplace, so are our reps.  Tuned-in and sophisticated. Native speakers in French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese – and sometimes when needed, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Please give us a week to find the perfect representative and match for your service or product. The right dialect is crucial.

New Product Introductions and Samplings

We’ve been at subway spots at 6:00 am for brand changes, serving coffee and donuts – and delivering flyers on the streets of Cambridge mid-day. On Boston Commons introducing new phone services in pink wigs, and with go-go boots at neighborhood bars. You might have seen us riding the “streets of Boston” like Charlie on the MTA (but we do return)! and at Fenway Park with major cable networks like HBO, Showtime, and NHL hockey – to name a few – giving away great prizes and freebies.  We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest household names getting “their messages and products out” in the marketplace.  How can we help you extend your brand?

Sales and Lead Generation at Community Events, Business Expos and Multi-cultural Festivals

Our teams of managers and brand ambassadors are trained to listen, and take important information from a customer to increase the chance of a sale — which is why companies spend thousands on a great brand ambassador firm.  A skilled brand ambassador can influence not only  positive brand awareness for a particular company, but also leave an impression to favor a potential short-term sale, or life-long buying decision. A lead isn’t just a lead.  Leads turns to sales, which lead to continued business.  Staying in business.  Our leads are strong, and detailed information is gathered, and reported, according to the client’s request. No detail is too small.  “What time should we call you? Between 7:15 – 7:30pm on Monday night?” We’ll pass that information along.  Obviously, we can’t guarantee the call, but we can guarantee that the client will get the data, in a timely manner. That’s part of the understanding we have when we do business.

Promotional Fulfillment and Product Positioning Strategies

One brand change comes to mind. A snow storm. Not just any snowstorm. Nearly three feet. Thirty locations across three states to launch a new brand, logo, and deliver collateral materials, balloons, decorations, signage, breakfast, T shirts, prizes, and giveaways. Vans and cars and trucks of all sizes working toward a common goal of meeting a 9am delivery deadline. Interstate promotions during a State Emergency. All night coordination of hundreds of UPS packages. Out on time. Everyone home safely. Phew.

Product positioning? A co-creation. The best of both worlds.

Costume Character Appearances

Perhaps you’ve seen us? Partner Promotions specially trained staff takes on the role of your favorite TV characters all over New England. You’d be sure to recognize these larger than life heroes. Licensed characters from Nickelodeon and Turner Networks are represented by our teams of experienced “characters and leads.” Sponge Bob on Ice? Dora the Explorer in the roller rink? Chuckie and the Rugrats at your local bank high-fiving kids?  We send our teams to retail venues and major metropolitan shows to increase traffic, establish good relations with customers, and make kids, well, just “feel good”. These are everyday events for us. We do follow rules though, no autographs.

But, dancin’ in the streets is allowed!

“What about Santa?” you may ask.

He could be included in this category, but not really. In our book, there’s only one, and we know him well. Naturally, we have his number. Remember, he has a business to run at the North Pole.

Employee Incentive Programs to Reward Incredible Achievements

Spa trips, ski tickets, intimate dinners, helicopter rides, you name it. Sometimes even a week away to just unwind. Budget plays a consideration, but good ideas don’t always have to cost a fortune. Sometimes the simple pleasures in life are the best. We aim to please the pickiest high achiever. Travel where? Tickets to?  Oh, that Rolodex…

Celebrity and Celebrity Look-Alike Appearances

Next time Marilyn Monroe shows up at a party, with a windblown white halter dress, and red hot lips, know that she can be yours too! We work with look-alikes, and sports celebrities who can increase traffic to your location for an autograph signing, golf tournament, grand opening, or other memorable event. Industry leaders, speakers, experts, sports stars, and drivers of Nascar. Where’s the event, and who’s invited?

Back to School and College Marketing

“Back to School” is one of our busiest times in the promotions business. For years, we’ve had month long campaigns promoting products and services to college kids moving into Boston, and surrounding New England college campus areas. We also partner with radio stations, and work together, on site – with other designated companies and firms as a team – to play a part in a bigger corporate effort of increased awareness and exposure in the marketplace. Just like you can’t build a company by yourself, you can’t conquer a City by yourself.  It takes a team! At times we lead, and other times we follow. It’s the communication between all parties that’s key.

IPAD/Computer Demonstrations

With all the new apps and interaction with hand held mobile devices today, it’s important that a team be trained, and able to teach customers how to use these tools to enhance their entertainment choices. Many times, our role is to demonstrate how to use our client’s downright cool technology, and show them how they can benefit by the services they offer. It’s amazing to note that customers aren’t aware of all of the features and benefits that they are provided at no additional charge! What an opportunity to showcase new products and services to an already captivated crowd!

In addition to demonstrations of the IPAD and its many features, Partner Promotions also showcases programs on the computer at community events and business expo’s to maximize a customer’s on-line experience. In the long run, we are consumers as well as teachers, and make it a point to have the training and knowledge to explain products and services, so that we can deliver the most recent news and development of our promoted brand.

Bottom line, it’s a team effort, always, and all-ways to promote a brand, increase exposure, and maximize the selling opportunity.

That’s where we shine.

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Isn’t that the way business should be?

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